Thursday, September 23, 2010

FLU MEDIA-Oktayne Mixtape Update

Hello, readers this is Ok To Tha Tayne,

it's been quite a while since I had consistently updated my blog.

My update is simply this: I got a new mixtape coming, it is in the works. So right now you and I are waiting on the hosts and graphics to be done, then a promo campaign to be done to keep you aware of what is going with me. The mixtape is hosted by DJ What It Iz, and the graphics is done JNGFX OF SMG. SMG is Smallzville's own Mike-Dash-E record label. The guest is Da-1 and DL Da Arsun on it. It is a mix of original tracks and tracks on already used industry instrumentals. I think this may be the last solo mixtape that I make that has other industry people's instrumentals.

Stay Tuned For The Mixtape

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