Friday, September 26, 2008

2007 Throwback

This track is before I turned into a professional anyways its an unreleased joint from my unreleased mixtape series Ignition enjoy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Music Alert

This song is about California History obvoiusly I forgot to mention many a lot of stuff, but it would of been too long if I mentioned all of California music history. This man right below is a genious and he is one of the people I mention in my history lesson known as "California Soul."

Self-Explanations Journey Begins

The new album dropping late October or Early November is basically an album that consists of everything a rapper must need on his album to survive. Self-Explanations is inspired by the state of mind of Hip-Hop being dead, love and enjoying life. It has a wide range of songs and creativity. I been inspired by the Smallzville Ent. artist ( to help put the small town on the map with this album. You see the dreams, the focus and determination through out this album.
Right now the momentum is building slowly for the album, locally in a few cities around the Bay Area. The excitement behind this project is great, because I like the struggle. I basically grinded with a little bit of cash and no help from investors or such to start my label. The clubs not hitting me back because I never performed at a club before. So I got to grind twice as hard since I can't get a gig at a club at all. I will get mine Lord Willin', God is the source of my confidence and faith. The reason why I'm still living after all those surgeries as a kid. I'm glad to work with who I worked with on this one, and trust me this album is really dope to me. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. New music from Self-Explanations dropping in a few minutes.