Sunday, January 17, 2010

Message To People Not On Mailing List

Hello fellow music lover,

I like to take this opportunity to thank some people for helping me get nearly 500 downloads with my single sun up. You see the new year was among us so I decided to get Bre whose voice I fell in love with instantly. It all started when I was doing a show at Paddys Coffee House for a small intimate listening party for the song Sun Up. A lot of things went wrong even though it was a good show. My camera didn't charge for some reason, and the email addresses I collected that night I ended up losing them. Go to and request @ for the single. The single is going to be on itunes soon as well as re-release of the album. Also My Therapy EP will be out this Spring. Tell 'Em On Mixtape has no set release period yet. That is all.

Oktayne & Bre-Sun Up