Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Good Folks At BET lol

The good folks of BET made it to where the only thing I could watch on there is re-runs. The videos got annoying, and 106 N Park is not 106 N Park without AJ and Free. It used to be a time when I was in high school, I would get home from a hetic day at school, then watch BET. I would watch Hits, I would miss Cita's World since it came .. I got home, but eventually watched it later. I would watch Rap City The Basement with Big Tigger, those were the days. The days when the TV wasn't oversaturated with bullshit dances. I saw how Rap City looked before BET cancelled it, and well it wasn't pleasing me anymore, but Rap City is Rap City. In this country we should have freedom of expression and not get took away, because people are scared to be responsible for their own children. If you don't want your kid to watch certain things then lay down the law, lock the TV channels that they can't watch, but do not use the music I love and enjoy as an excuse, of lack of responsility. No more censorship!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Self-Explanations Journey Begins Pt.2

Since I want the album to have the perfect sound and the mastering wont be ready to do till next month, the album has been moved to december 23rd. So I will call it a "Self-Explanations Christmas." Since it's dropping near Christmas maybe I should throw a carol on there. No I don't think so I don't do carols in my music. Anyways it's been a while since I did the blog thing so bear with me. Anyways I am headed to do some shit for the mixtape in a few weeks I'm dropping soon which will be free with the album purchase. Details of ipod contest coming in January.