Thursday, October 1, 2009

33 Revolutions El Cerrito, Calfornia

So recently after my second time performing at the Paddys Coffee House in Union City, California. I decided to ask Dave about setting a show at his 33 Revolutions spot in El Cerrito, Calfornia. As I went in the spot, I noticed Nas Nigger album on vinyl. I don't say Nas or Untitled because I'm a real Nas fan. Anyways Dave gave me a flyer, his email address as he told me to send any links to check out. So I sent three or four hip-hop acts including myself. I also included some very good bands I know. The people I sent for him to check out were Oktayne, a rap group called The Realists, Yun Doe, Alvin And The Pussycats, Explicit 4, Zephyr Riot and TrainFace. I send him so much information and also included a set list of each act that was there was no way he could of wait until a month later to contact me. I called the store for the first time then a girl answered and took a message, and yet I didn't get call back. I called again I got the voice mail, I was starting to get pissed off. I waited at least a week, then I called him again on my way to school. He answered and we talked about the gig setting, then he told me that his spot doesn't do hip-hop. The spot is a mellow and chill joint. Dude I performed at Paddys Coffee House and it just the fucken same. It's like a relaxing spot, and the vibe of my music didn't change that They just not as big as your spot in size nor are they a record shop.

First off, Dave must not realize he's in a middle of a urban area. What do urban areas tend to listen to, umm yea my point exactly. Secondly, you do not decline hip-hop artists for gigs and sell hip-hop artist material in your record shop. ie. NaS. And third, if I can't perform what about Alvin and The Pussycats, TrainFace, and Zephyr Riot, so realistically I'm not selfish. I care about other indies, who are good, or trying to be good. You either get better or worse with practice, and that's real talk for your ass. So Dave I know a lot of people who chill in your spot and they tell me they need hip-hop in there. So if you don't change up your act, then you eventually lose some customers. You got to be fair to everyone.