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Welcome to the Blog of Awesomenezz!: INTRODUCING @OktayneVocal "Sun Up"

Welcome to the Blog of Awesomenezz!: INTRODUCING @OktayneVocal "Sun Up": "Albert Devon Tatmon, A.K.A. Oktayne, born in Berkley, CA – moving to Oakland as a youngster and long-time friend, Eugene “G-Funk” Bentley ..."

Artist Oktayne Interviewed by Top Knotch Diva

1) Tell me about your style:
● The Productions

The beats are usually something I think can go with my lyrics right away, I usually like to write first, then edit the songs to go with the beat. Sometimes I write to the beat completely which is kinda rare for me. The fact is I have the ideas well before the beats. I worked with G-Funk, Kajmir Royale, Beat Catererz, Sap Da Beat Man, Johnny Juliano, Vybe Beatz, Superstar O & The Starist in the past two project: Self-Explanations & Tell Em’ I’m On II
● The Concepts

My song concepts are usually about my life process, hip-hop or the ladies. I got songs you could make love to, or win somebody’s heart with as well.

● The Samples

I don’t sample regularly but the one sample I remember is the classic sample of Marlene Shaw’s California Soul. The soulful sample inspired a musical history lesson
2) What’s new right now?
Well I just dropped Tell Em’ I’m On on That Crack, and soon as you know Dat Piff as well. I’m also in the lab working on my new album Feature Presentation which kinda feels like it’s gonna be amazing. I came along way since my first album Self-Explanations. People could get the Self-Explanations on itunes, and amazon.

3) Where did you get your name from?
Me and my homeboy Da-1 was chilling at my house, I need a name to let people know that I could body tracks. So out here in the bay area fools stay saying somebody got gas or be gassing when they got ill bars. So there you have it Oktayne became the rap name which means “I body tracks or shorty I body ya on that bed.” ha ha.

4) What sets you apart from other Hip-Hop artist?
Cuz I am Albert Devon Tatmon, not a single person wit that name exist in the game yet. I rap about what I know, and I don’t go around pretending to be someone else. I like to drink to patron with grape juice but only when I party, if I party. I do more than just rap yo I’m a CEO too. So be on the look out for my company F.L.U. Media in the upcoming years.

5) Give me one of your favorite R&B artist and why?
My favorite R&B artist is Trey Songz because that dude knows what exactly to say to the ladies. Think about why a lot are so crazy over him and all that. I would love to make a hit with Trey Songz, you know.

6) Who would you like to work with?
I would love to do songs with Wiz Khalifa, XV, Big Sean, Curren$y & Nipsey Hussle. And to tell the truth I think me and LL Cool J should collab so I could test my peers comparison. I would love to test my skills with the young beast Diggy Simmons as well. And I can’t forget Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole & Mos Def

7) What is the ONE thing that you are aiming to accomplish in Hip-Hop?
I just want to be successful, and be out there with the best of them with some billboard charted singles under my belt.

What is your greatest fear/challenge in the entertainment business?
Knowing when it’s time to switch things up to keep myself relevant in the game after so long of the same formulas of song making.

9) Any “crazy” fans yet? When did you first get a taste of it, what happened?
This chick started sending me naked pictures to my email saying that she likes all my sex songs, and I should do all that stuff I talk about to her. She threw me her number and told me exactly where she lived. She cussed me out because I never called her, and said I still love your music.

10) Give me your shout outs!
First off let me shout out my town Smallzville, to my supporters, my inspirations, my doubters, my haters, all the models and fashon addicts Second, The people: Armani Depaul, Sosa Da Champ, Bre, DJ What It Iz, DJ Bankrupt, The Invasion, Mike Dash E, The SMG Team, The FLU team, Jerm Jilla & Sledgren of Taylor Gang, iLisaEnt, UBO Mag, Phoenixstar9, Skrilla Bound Records, Erk Tha Jerk, HBK, Get It Back Fam, Philly Swain and Russian Rullet

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

FLU MEDIA-Oktayne Mixtape Update

Hello, readers this is Ok To Tha Tayne,

it's been quite a while since I had consistently updated my blog.

My update is simply this: I got a new mixtape coming, it is in the works. So right now you and I are waiting on the hosts and graphics to be done, then a promo campaign to be done to keep you aware of what is going with me. The mixtape is hosted by DJ What It Iz, and the graphics is done JNGFX OF SMG. SMG is Smallzville's own Mike-Dash-E record label. The guest is Da-1 and DL Da Arsun on it. It is a mix of original tracks and tracks on already used industry instrumentals. I think this may be the last solo mixtape that I make that has other industry people's instrumentals.

Stay Tuned For The Mixtape

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tracklist For The Mixtape

1. J.Dilla Proportions
2. Myself (old verses) Produced By Seven
3. Cough On You
4. Release (Verse)
5. Stupid Wild Freestyle
6. All The Way Turnt Up (Okt Mix)
7. Money In, Money Out Produced By Vybe Beatz
8. Drawing Board Produced By Seven
9. The Radio Ft. DL Da Arsun Produced By Superstar O
10. Look Of It Freestyle
11. 32 Bars Of Grind
12. She’s Single
13. To The Bed
14. Boarding Pass Okt Mix Ft. Da-1
15. Nobody Else Produced By Johnny Juliano
16. Chill Yea Produced By Superstar O & Johnny Juliano
17. Life Goes On Produced By The Starist
18. The Closer Pt.2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

El Cerrito, CA's 33 Revolutions has Been shut down

A place that turned me down for a gig has closed down, the lease was up that is all

Graphics Dropping Midnight In The Pacific

Oktayne is releasing a mixtape real soon and that will close out this month with a goal of 2,000 downloads at least. You see my last mixtape Self-Explanatory got at least 1,000 downloads, hopefully I will get to my goal working with a couple DJ's with over 5,000 contacts. Graphics release Midnight Pacific Standard Time thank you for your support.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

songs i purchased

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sun Up

Reached amount of 670 downloads to end January after the free download campaign thank you folks

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Message To People Not On Mailing List

Hello fellow music lover,

I like to take this opportunity to thank some people for helping me get nearly 500 downloads with my single sun up. You see the new year was among us so I decided to get Bre whose voice I fell in love with instantly. It all started when I was doing a show at Paddys Coffee House for a small intimate listening party for the song Sun Up. A lot of things went wrong even though it was a good show. My camera didn't charge for some reason, and the email addresses I collected that night I ended up losing them. Go to and request @ for the single. The single is going to be on itunes soon as well as re-release of the album. Also My Therapy EP will be out this Spring. Tell 'Em On Mixtape has no set release period yet. That is all.

Oktayne & Bre-Sun Up